Ramen & Sides

Think about a bowl of ramen, Thick noodles, a very tasteful soup, sliced kikurage mushroom, Menma Bamboo shoots, green onions, and pork chasu slices! Just think about it, you’ll never know a ramen as cheap as this one here at Happon Ramen House

They serve the best flavors; Chicken Paitan, Spicy Chicken Paitan, Miso, Spicy Misso, Curry & Spicy Curry. All of these for only a (P198) hundred and ninety-eight pesos! Imagine half a price to the other authentic ramen around the metro. Ramen experience wouldn’t be complete without sides. You can choose from a 6pcs. of Gyoza, or chicken karaage, and, or Pork tonkatsu. See their set of menus below.

( Photo Courtesy: @rafcarlosaid

We ordered Spicy Chicken Paitan and Curry Ramen, rich soup base, noodles are finely cooked. Their pork are actually torch, and that smokey taste suits in the bowl. Their chicken karaage are good and perfectly fried. The japanese mayo fits to the chicken. While Pork Tonkatsu are just a typical sides I taste from others but delicious as well.

( Photo Courtesy: @rafcarlosaid

The vibe of this place is very light and very pleasing. Not a typical kind of old japanese culture themed. They have a modern Interiors that are way classy, and place is spacious perfect enough to eat a very delicious ramen.

( Photo Courtesy: @rafcarlosaid

See set of menus here! Flavorful ramen are not just their specialties they also have rice meals and deli sides and desserts too!


They also have Lunch Combo that are available only on weekdays from 11am to 2pm. See below!

This ramen shop is located in two of their branches, Sikatuna Village at Maginhawa St., Quezon City and at Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.

Thank you for Reading Guys! Hope you have a visit after reading this! 🙂


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