Philippine Contemporary Art

​Started 2013, Turning car parks into an amazing contemporary art haven. It is an art-filled stroll for artists and enthusiasts. A Three-story gallery celebrating the best in Philippine contemporary art.

On its fourth year happened last february, artists had gathered in this cool space at The Link Carpark, Ayala Center Makati City. They opened roofdeck for some good snacks and drinks! They gathered art talks and interactions with the great artists during a 10-day art fair. Check out my exclusive Photos below for some cool artworks.

(Photo Courtesy: ig @rafcarlosaid)

They gathered the country’s best known personalities. Agnes Arellano best known for her surrealist, and expressionist creations in plaster, bronze and cold cast marbles. Dex Fernandez, the artist behind the Garapata Man, this character has become a well known urban-character. his artwork is known around the Metro, U.S., taiwan and the places he visits seen as graffiti and murals in the streets, also as stickers.

( Photos and Biography Courtesy of: Art Fair Philippines’ website )

and Maria Jeona Zoleta she is an interdisciplinary artist presenting her installation pieces with glitters, neon colors and toys, Unicorns and rainbows. Her provocative works are filled with information overload, sexuality and post-feminism. And many more artists to be proud of. Also the fair wasn’t complete with different  artacross galleries across the Philippines, namely Bencab Museum, The Art Lab, 1135 Mabini, Pinto gallery, Paseo Gallery and a lot more.

( Photo Courtesy: Rafael Carlo Madrilejo )

I personally, I’m not good with paintings but I surely know how to appreciate these pieces and give meaning to it. Reading between the lines is the best way to express the meaning of  an artwork. Aside from appreciating art, as a millennial of course, we cannot wait to have a photo-op of these “instagramabble” pieces. Check two of the best photo opportunity I had with these great artworks.

(Photo Courtesy: ig @rafcarlosaid)

I hope I get to inspire you on appreciating art. This is the best place to enlighten your mind and eyes. and I hope there would be another BIGGER, BETTER and BOLDER Art Fair Philippines next year. Let’s celebrate the best in Philippine contemporary art!


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