Castle-themed food park

Have you ever been to a food park that makes you feel like a king or a queen? You’ll never guess where is this magical place is!

If you are hitting north, head over to High ground food park! The Place here is too magical, bulb lights, castle-structured, landscape view of the city of Marilao, plus fantastic foods.

( Photo Courtesy: High Ground food park

Rock Castle is a Bar and a Restaurant that has been established for quite sometime. I was shocked the place has become the First Food park in Marilao.

There are too many choices inside the food park, and gathering them all in one table is not enough. From the photo below, We had El Pa.ri.ka’s Nachos Overload (180 pesos). For our thirst quenchers we had Duke’s Station’s Pink Lemonade (50 pesos each). Our main dish that night was The Maki Express’ Pork Tonkatsu with two california maki and veggies for their sides. (140 pesos), plus their healthy vegetable salad. We also tried Kanto Prito’s colorful kwek-kwek (20 pesos for 5pcs) and their Dynamite. For desserts we had Cafe Santaio’s Chocolate overload. Well, this dessert is quite not that good without a scoop of ice cream! Since it is not served with soft ice cream, tell them you want one, but it will cost you additional charge. 


(Photo Courtesy: ig @rafcarlosaid)

Here are some food stalls that are located inside the rock castle:

Cafe J. Blvd, serving tasteful and colorful burgers for a very affordable price. Inihaw and meat lover? check out Mr. Grilled Station. To all sushi and katsudon lover go ahead to The Maki Express. Meanwhile, Duke’s Section is serving your favorite thirst quenchers like Lemonade, smoothies, sodas, Frappe, and even beers!

If you like Pinoy-style food visit Kanto Prito! They serve your favorite Kwek-Kwek with a twist (it is colored!), fishballs, kikiams, squidballs and every tuhog-tuhog streetfinds.

Or why not feel that Mexicano vibe at El Pap.ri.ka they serve a very deli nachos just like the amount you want! Also, they serve Tacos, chili con carne, and a lot more!

How about we go to a sweet side, we have The Cafe Santiao. They are serving your favorite cupcakes and ice creams. Better try their chocolate overload and top it with a scoop of ice cream.

All in all, my food experience here was really great! The food, the ambiance and all the staff from the different stores are very energetic to endorse their delicacies. Definitely going back here to try other foods. A very friendly reminder if you are going to visit this food park, make sure to grab a seat on the rooftop for a better view.

The place is accessibly located along McArthur Highway, 3rd floor, Rock Castle, Saog, Marilao, Bulacan. Go see there Facebook page for more updates here. 

Operation Hours are from: 5pm – 12mn on Mondays – Thursdays, 4pm – 1am on Fridays – Saturdays, and 4pm to 12mn on Sundays.


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