Pairing a Timepiece to my Daily Workdays

It’s been a while since my last blog. I took a pause for events and foods because I’ve been creating a new kind of blog post this time. It’s all about my lifestyle!

If you are not a Makati guy, you might like this one! I will share to you on how I pair my clothes and watches on typical workdays. I will also feature my watch collection, Spalding timepiece. I am actually a big fan of huge watches, and I feel comfortable wearing them. I learn how to mix n’ match my clothes that either compliment or match.

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So here are 3 tips on my daily routine of pairing my clothes to a perfect timepiece.

Tip# 1: Right amount of matching

For me this is the easiest way of pairing. I have a Grey Spalding watch that is very manageable while wearing any of my clothes. A grey long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and a high cut grey casual shoes is perfect for this kind of watch.

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Grey watches are also easy to match with plaid shirts, and polo shirts. Off course, still consider colour matching on it.

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Tip #2: Plain & Bright and Neutral colours

For a usual get up or on a lazy day this is the safest outfit for work. I pair my Neon Green Spalding watch to a plain black outfit. I have a plain black shirt, a formal black high cut shoes, and jeans (NOT RIPPED). I advise to never wear ripped jeans at work; always look professional in a simple way.

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My other way of pairing is I pair my neon watch with my yellow plaid shirt, dirty white pants and black shoes as well. The variation of colours from head to toe will not brighten up the kind of neon colour I am wearing. The dirty white type of pants I wear will help to loosen up the strong colour of my top and my watch.

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You can try to pair the previous outfit with other neon coloured watches or sport watches. Just match your clothes to the colour of your watch so that it will look good and colours will not splash. Remember to not look too bright on wearing those. Loosen up bright colours if possible, or match it with neutral colours.


Tip #3: Mixing && Complimenting

This is one of my favourite outfits. This time, I’m complimenting my Spalding Brown watch to my semi-casual outfit. I have a black sweat shirt, white long sleeves, jeans and black shoes. This is actually a simple and stylish combo. I put on my black sweat shirt and white polo shirt inside. I show the lower part of my polo shirt to create balance on the collar around my neck.

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Sometimes, I put on a black neck tie inside. This will make me a little more casual.

Another way of pairing my Brown Spalding watch is wearing a grey coloured shirt and pairing it with my beige jacket. At that time, I wear black pants and black shoes. The amount of light and neutral colours combination will look just right.

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So, there you have it! I hope that I inspired you on matching and mixing clothes and pairing it with a perfect watch. These are just simple tips to consider; Colour-matching, appropriateness, and complimenting.


I can’t say you exactly do the way I wear, we have different kind of fashion styles, it’s within us and we can experiment ourselves! It’s better if we always look professional. Don’t get too exaggerated and look simple with a class.

Thank you for reading Guys! Hope you liked it. Check out my previous posts and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share my blog. You can see below.


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